Fixed Assets Business Reports

Fixed Assets Business Report

What is the value of the business assets from a tax and depreciation point of view? Which asset classes are growing? Does it match organisation strategy?

Can the organisation strategy take better advantage from existing assets?

Are digital assets taking over from physical assets? Can digital sales extend organisation performance?

Can Internet of Things help with monitoring performance of assets in terms of real lifespan? Can IoT help with asset servicing and quality?

DescriptionOpening CostTAdditions TDisposalsTMisc TaxClose CostTOpenTax DepnYTD Depn TaxDisposalsTClose TaxWDV
021105 Administration4402342765456870406893260414456750306089134145
091005 Workshop873620008736267163318026547299714365
091205 Buildings869357000869357478801534210532222337135
211201 Warehouse38721000038721025735033862029121295998
212900 QualityControl128345000128345111391185012324116021
3370 Sales149245486540010059178119453249080140165
255700 Market Development24872586500190071621213970176097263
9800 Head Office5439875467817654047165512459878580132455411532

KEY: T = tax, Depn = depreciation, WDV = write down value