Stock Business Reports

Inventory Stock Price Index Report

Are the profit margins on products sufficient? Does the product inventory align with customer volume needs?

Which stock items turnover the most in a year? Are there seasonal product trends that need to be considered?

Which stock items create the best return on revenue? Can the best performed product ranges be expanded?

Could a global market expansion improve performance? Can sales be performed as business to business, wholesale, online and via retail partners.

Could product be cross promoted to existing clients? Can service or maintenance contracts add value to products?

Can Internet of Things on existing product provide data and value to customers? Can this data help with product development into the future?

CodeDescriptionMAT netMAT costsMAT profit Ave SOH TurnsSPIGP%ROR
101Product 1$17171.59$9526764545135
102Product 2$21257.76$115929665211752
103Product 3$16868.36$9265760264441
104Product 4$17275.74$9528774732993
105Product 5$11878.00$6564531386682
106Product 6$16510.81$89637547147248
107Product 7$2984.02$1519146411567
108Product 8$4779.69$2399238035376
109Product 9$11767.41$64715295114195
110Product 10$17534.70$957779573214
111Product 11$13196.91$70886108114258
112Product 12$26137.94$8295818568209

KEY: MAT = moving annual total, SOH = stock on hand, Turns = times stock turned over in a year, SPI = stock price index, GP = gross profit, Return on Revenue = Net Income / Revenue