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1 Energy Calculators, Green IT presentations
this E-book, Solar Calculators

2 Building Energy Meter

3 Building Energy Meter 2

4 Consumer association

5 Hot water system including solar

6 Hot water system including solar 2

7 Water solutions

8 Building Design for efficiency

9 Air conditioning selection and use

10 Energy Efficient lighting


Government Lighting policy change Incandescent light bulb removal policy and new lighting efficiency requirements

12 LED lights

13 Television and related equipment power consumption

14 Appliance reviews with user feedback

15 Technology device reviews

16 Ceiling to roof loft air control

17 Energy efficient products

18 Insulation supplier and associated information

19 Government rebate for insulation installation

20 Basic insulation installation principles

21 Insulation industry group

22 Government position on Standby power

23 Energy consumption rating scheme

24 International group policy on standby power

25 High efficiency computer power supply standard

26 Electronics supplier including efficient power supplies

27 Electrical supply including automation

28 Lighting manufacturer

29 Lighting manufacturer

30 Government guidelines for lighting efficiency

31 Government suggestions for lighting efficiency

32 LED replacement for fluorescent tube

33 Power factor correction technology

34 Power factor correction examples

35 Off peak ice making for daytime air conditioning

36 Dynamic Computer Resource allocation (shut server down when not needed)

37 Government view of lighting efficiency using sensors


MotionDetectors_Brochure.pdf Motion sensors for light control

39 Electrical timers for mains distribution boards

40 Co-generation example

41 Australian Co-generation case study

42 Co-generation further examples

43 Co-generation equipment for household

44 Energy Efficiency government organization


EnergyStarComputerSpecification Energy Star rating 4 for computers

46 Australian guidelines for computers energy use

47 Thin client benefits

48 Thin client example specifications

49 Virtual Computing possibilities

50 Virtual Machine resource scheduling

51 80 Plus use saving calculator

52 Energy consumption rating scheme

53 VOIP telephony

54 VOIP and video conferencing software

55 VOIP soft phone with video conferencing

56 Network attached storage example

57 Very Low powered processor

58 Low powered processor

59 Methods to turn on computer power management

60 Computer Power Management Group Policy Software

61 Computer power management software across network

62 Aust. Govt. rebates available

63 Solar Hot water equipment provider

64 Solar Hot water equipment provider 2

65 Solar hot water including retrofit designs

66 Solar Power equipment provider

67 Solar Power output calculator (Sydney)

68 Inverter and transfer switch provider

69 Solar lighting and equipment

70 Solar / alternative energy supplier

71 Alternative energy supplier, solar calculators for products relative to your region

72 Electronic and solar supplier

73 Low voltage equipment including solar

74 Green Power overview

75 Green power prices compared by state

76 Micro wind turbines

77 Weather bureau wind maps

78 Wind farms in Ireland

79 Wind Farm example at Mawson Station with real time energy measurement

80 Large scale wind turbine manufacturer

81 Multiple turbine blade wind generators

82 Solar Thermal equipment manufacturer

83 New solar thermal plant

84 Australian Solar Thermal Plant

85 Solar thermal design using a Stirling engine for generation

86 Solar thermal manufacturer using a central heating tower

87 Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems

88 Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems 2

89 Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems 3

90 Triple junction solar cells

91 Triple junction solar cells 2

92 Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems for smaller system

93 World solar radiation measurements

94 Table to see most efficient vehicles

95 Motoring association with efficient driving hints

96 Electric bicycle supplier

97 Electric bicycle supplier 2

98 Electric Scooter

99 Electric Scooter distributor

100 Electric Car

101 Electric Sports Car

102 Australian Electric Vehicle Association

103 Electric Car and Petrol Cars

104 Thin film solar from South Australia

105 Thin film solar cells (various formats)

106 Thin film solar cells (1 GW / year manufacturer plant)

107 Geothermal Energy from hot dry rocks in Australia

108 Geothermal Energy from hot dry rocks in USA

109 Wave power generator using sea floor water pump action

110 Wave power using wave pitch, hydraulics and inbuilt generators

111 Tidal power generation

112 Electric Car manufacturer with potential future battery

113 New generation battery

114 Electrical Power Measurement

115 Solar Tower Technology

116 Solar building surfaces

117 Small to Medium Solar Thermal technology

118 Small Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems

119 Large Concentrated Photo Voltaic systems

120 Windows 2008 Server advanced power management

121 powermgmt/Optimize_Power.mspx Windows Vista Power Management

122 Electrical Timer and remote control systems

123 Top Energy Star Award (efficiency) winners

124 Refrigeration minimum standards for efficiency

125 Solar Hot Water calculator for RECs received

126 Energy efficient products in multiple categories

127 LED lighting for worldwide voltage levels

128 Low powered laptop example

129 Low powered desktop example

130 Co-Generation / Trigeneration

131 Energy efficient products

132 Hot Water supplier

133 Large greener air conditioning

134 Examples of solar air conditioning

135 Electric Vehicle and related technologies site

136 Electric vehicle from USA

137 Alternative Energy Association

138 Supplier of water and energy saving products

139 Australian government policy on lighting and appliances

140 Community Wind Farm project

141 Wind Energy background

142 nationalsolarschools/index.html Australian Government Rebate for Schools Energy and Water efficiency

143 Community group solar installations

144 OECD perspective on how to reduce Standby power consumption

145 Glass manufacturer including better insulated laminated glass

146 Electric Car expected for 2010 availability

147 Remote switch for power point

148 Electricity cost comparison site

149 Electrical supplier. Look for Mains Power Meter, Remote Controller Power board