Customer Sales Business Reports

Customer Sales Business Performance Management Report in ($)

How are your customers sales trends by different moving total time periods?

What is the sales pattern for each customer. Are customer sales growing or shrinking? Respond to changes sooner.

Are the customer sales patterns by industry group? Can you refine you sales approach by customer groups? Customer segmentation and targeting.

Are some customers in need of further investigation? What is the feedback from clients with falling sales.

E.g. Delivery times, quality, implementation, support, operations etc.

CustomerCurr. MonthPrev. Month%Curr. YTDPrev. YTD%Curr. MATPrev. MAT%Curr. MQTPrev. MQT%
Customer 113481278538973694515386844345404438345
Customer 2399688-7347567907-6618797143332411962065-73
Customer 311341658-4669503133551326119231-4534024975-46
Customer 43271562-37853485822-91325813559-29804686-378
Customer 511941973-6521065654-168823019452-13635835920-65
Customer 6119495931643158016700112623335614759
Customer 716113278028294954-7515227984335483298180
Customer 839456-107976202645651207615163-261161368-1079
Customer 911889242278506553171373218561-353563277322
Customer 10324643-9956936648-171000817565-769711930-99
Customer 117841580-1027903771521802517468323524740-102
Customer 121482572614915455671299313885-74447171761

KEY: Curr. = current, Prev. = previous, % = Percent change in period, YTD = year to date, MAT = moving annual total, MQT = moving quarter total.