Australian National Broadband Network Uses in the home

What are the possibilities of NBN in the home?
  • Home Office
  • Remote Doctor consultant room
  • Specialised Classroom
  • Music Studio
  • Meeting Room
  • Shopping Centre
  • Home energy control automation

The Australian NBN will allow all the following uses of the Internet to be performed simulataneously from home.

Home Office

  • Telecommunte with office
  • Telecommunte with clients around the world
  • Share and develop computer based information in real time

Remote Doctor consultant room

  • Organise remote medical appointments with doctors, specialists, allied carers etc.
  • Collect and share remote medical data such as blood pressure, pulse, ECG, blood sugar levels.
  • Access better health trends information for better health results.
  • Save on transportation costs and time for some regular appointments

Specialised Classroom

  • Provide more courses to students using video and shared computer resources.
  • Run multiple site video conference virtual classrooms.
  • Students and instructors can be from around the country.
  • Class work can be tested, submitted and marked Online.
  • Regional areas now have access to a full set of education courses.

Music Studio

  • Musicians can collaborate with music in real time.
  • Audio from around Australia can be mixed in real time.
  • Virtual team projects can be set up quickly.

Meeting Room

  • High definition video conferencing is now possible from home with NBN.
  • Large screen monitors or projectors can now be used.
  • High definition webcams can be used to thier full potential
  • Save on transport costs while still having a full communication experience.

Shopping Centre

  • Compare products from around the world.
  • Access greater ranges of products.
  • Solve more specialised requirements.
  • Sell products and solutions around the world.

Home energy control automation

  • Interact with energy suppliers structured tariffs.
  • Adjust house automation to avoid electricity network peak periods.
  • Save costs by using off peak power for non time critical loads.
  • Household loads can be switched off during energy demand spikes.
  • Electricity supplied infrastructure expansion can be managed more effectively

What other uses for NBN can you think of? Leverage the cheap cost of computing processing power, cheap computer storage and cheap Internet bandwidth to create a 21st century style business.

National Broadband Network Explained

NBN Home connection Process

NBN Phone connection Process

The videos is part of the NBN Government YouTube channel.

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Use the NBN to your advantage.