How much fibre optic speed with NBN is right for you?

Fast Broadband Speed Comparison

Internet ConnectionADSL 1ADSL 2NBN 12 / 1NBN 25 / 5NBN 100 / 40
Download Speed nominal Mbps1.5101225100
Upload Speed nominal Mbps0.10.11540
1 GB download1.8 hours16 minutes11 minutes5 minutes1.3 minutes
1 GB upload28 hours28 hours2.2 hours27 minutes3.3 minutes
VOIP calls simultaneously111262500
HD Video conferences000220
Remote Server Thin Client Sessions11315120
Multicast video broadcastingNoNoNoYesYes
Multicast audio broadcastingNoNoYesYesYes
Local Server - Remote Thin Client users11315120
Local web serverNoNoNoYesYes

How to get faster NBN Internet Speed?

The above table describes a single NBN service. Each service is provided from a gigabit Ethernet socket. This can be expanded to 4 services using the same NBN equipment. Each service can be from different provider.

Large Premesis Fast Broadband Speed

  • Add more bandwidth
  • Create redundancy using multiple providers
  • Dedicate 1 NBN service for VOIP
  • Dedicate 1 NBN service for branch to headquarter private networking
  • Split the NBN service to 4 tenants or units

NBN fibre provisioning for the future

The goal of NBN Co is to provision 12 fibres per 4 blocks of land/premises/houses. Each fibre can provide 4 services each. Therefore 12 fibres can provide for 48 independant users. This will allow for changes in building such as newly built units etc. For large buildings the telephony and Internet use can be managed as a whole. Within the building private fibre and Ethernet networking can be used. Each user can have their own phone and Internet usage bill.

General productivity gains from faster Internet Speeds

DescriptionActivity ChangeBenefitAuxillery Benefit
EmailFaster HTML email displayLess time waiting to see emailLess time used for emailing
Internet VideoLess time waiting for video bufferingSee video content fasterResearch and training quicker
Internet Connections per premesis capacityMore simultaneous Internet users or devices possibleMore work can be completed quickerBusiness growth possible
Telework anywherePerform work from more placesBetter availabilityDisaster recovery options improved
VOIP anywhereLaptop can be phone extensionBusiness extension can be answered remotelyHome business calls billed on business line
Video Conference anywhereConnect multiple site with videoVideo meetings can be set up quicklyProjects can be completed quicker
Backup files to anywhereMultiple site backups possibleDisaster recovery improvedLess or no time handling tape backups

Specific Industry productivity gains from faster Internet Speeds

DescriptionActivity ChangeBenefitAuxillery Benefit
Travel AgentQuicker bookings to remote serversMore commissions per hourMore agents per premesis possible
EducatorStudents or teachers can be remoteMore training options possibleClasses can be recorded for later playback
Web content developerAdd and check new content quicklyContent can be created quickerLess testing time needed
Multi company projectsCloud computing can work across companiesInformation,files, calendar,to-do exchange is quickerProject structure can be changed as desired
RetailerAdd online sales. Web content can be local or remoteMore sales using the same spaceAdvanced web content possible
AccountantSee clients via video conferencingLarger client pool possibleCloud can be used to exchange accounts information
ChemistExchange Medicare Card information to Government quickerQuicker script processing timeEFTPOS can also be processed quicker
Diagnostic imaging practiceSend video results across InternetQuicker health outcomesOnly a single customer visit needed
Video content creatorSend HD video products across InternetQuicker delivery to clientsClients can be worldwide
Local Data Centre providerSupport multiple business computing services. Computing resources can be sharedLess client business capital costsRemote thin clients and backups can be provided for

Use the NBN to your advantage.