Customer Profile attributes

Build Your Customer Profiles (one for each customer segment)

  • Customer Jobs - What are customers trying to get done at work and in their lives in their own words?
  • Customer Pains - What are bad outcomes, risks and obstacles related to customer jobs?
  • Customer Gains - What are the concrete outcomes and benefits they are seeking?

Customer Profile Creator Instructions

  1. Answer the 3 main questions of your customer profile segment. Place most important answers in order of importance.
  2. Click Create Customer Profile button
  3. Export the image of your results. Right click and save.

Enter Your Customer Segment Name

Customer Jobs

Functional Jobs - complete a task, solve a problem, write a report.
Social Jobs - When your customers want to look good or gain power or status.
Personal/Emotional Jobs - When your customers seek a specific emotional such as feeling good and secure.
Supporting Jobs - Buyer of Value, Co-creator of Value, Transferrer of Value.

What are your customer segment jobs to complete within the 4 categories. Write your answers in the box below.

Customer Pains

Functional - Solution does not work or has negative side effects.
Social - I look bad doing this.
Emotional - I feel bad every time I do this.
Ancillary - It is annoying to do this. Boring. Ugly.

What are your customer segment pains? Write your answers in the box below.

Customer Gains

Required Gains - These are gains without which a solution would not work.
Expected Gains - There are relatively basic gains that we expect from a solution, even if it could work without them.
Desired Gains - These are gains that go beyond what we expect from a solution but would love to have if we could.
Unexpected Gains - These are gains that go beyond customer expectations and desire.

What are your customer segment gains? Write your answers in the box below.

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Your Customer Profile Report Results

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