Copy and Paste Letters in Bulk

Do you often write the same letters or forms with just a few keywords changed?
Do you use the same keywords for a few different letters?
Would you like to save time from copy and paste manually?

How the Copy and Paste system works

  • Create a reference document/s with up to 20 unique keywords. e.g. (firstname) (lastname) etc.
  • Enter the unique keywords and thier substitute words on the copy paste document like illustration below.
  • Enter the reference document name you would like to use.
  • Enter the new document name you want to create.
  • Click the Copy and Paste button.
  • The new document will appear with the filled in keywords.

The keywords can be reused for multiple reference documents quickly.

Copy and Paste Word Document process view

Copy and Paste letters Example

Common Keywords for multiple Letters examples
New Customer Letters
Sales Letters
Contract Letters
Services Letters
Support Letters
Custom Brochure
Business Invitation
Product Catalog with Customer name embedded
Thank you card
Custom coupon
Fax Document
Forms in format for specific businesses
Shipping Labels
Cover letters
Internal Memo
Human Resource record

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Office Word word processor
  • Reference document in .doc file format.
  • New documents to have a unique name.
  • All .doc files in the same directory.
  • Macros are enabled when opening the Copy and Paste Word Macro document.

Copy and Paste Software

Save the appropriate pair of documents below to a local directory.
Copy and Paste Word Document macro for up to 10 keywords

Sample Reference Copy and Paste document

Copy and Paste Word Document macro up to 20 keywords

Large Sample Reference Copy and Paste document

Copy and Paste Word Document macro up to 20 keywords with automatic result filename.

Result file in Result-ReferenceFile-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.doc format.

Large Sample Reference Copy and Paste document

Optional Word Macro Techniques

  • Keep reference documents with short file names.
  • Add your favourite reference document names at the base of the Copy and Paste document.
  • Share your prepared reference documents with collegues to save time.

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