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Contained in this website is knowledge on NBN, Startups, Business, Marketing, Websites, Business Performance, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Efficiency, Careers and Skills, Good Moods, Solar Power, Smartphones, Converters and Software Utilities.

Find out the best ways to use technology which can save money, time, electricity and the environment. Work out what you could save here with online calculators. See what techniques can be implemented for free.

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National Broadband Network Fibre Optics

National Broadband Network NBN

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You and NBN at the Next Level - 74 ideas - Start Now Free eBook with 74 ideas, 15 bonus ideas and 85 reading references.
820 Australia Fibre NBN Rollout Maps - Which suburbs are included in the current NBN Fibre rollout with map links?
970 Australia Wireless NBN Rollout Maps Over 970 Wireless NBN regions listed with map links
NBN uses checklist Make your own custom list of NBN uses to suit you.
Business NBN Planning videos Examples of how industries will use the NBN.
NBN Connected Business Experiences How do NBN connected businesses now operate differently.
Fast Broadband Speed - What Internet Speeds do I need? Includes general and specific uses.
Australian NBN uses in the home
NBN Connection Steps - How to audit your telephony, networking and devices to correctly implement NBN in the right sequence.
NBN Satellite for Australia - Satellite will be live in April 2016. How can it change remote Australia?
15 NBN Resources

Startup Developement Process

Startup Business

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6 Best Startup Frequently Asked Questions - Learn Best Startup strategies fast. Avoid mistakes. Action your goal quickly.
Startup Digital Technology Choices - How can technologies help your startup?
Idea Research Checklist Does your startup idea suit you and the market?
Inventor Business Model Canvas Template 2 page PDF. Also Technology Readiness Levels.
Product Design and Marketing Design Questions Two page PDF on product customer alignment for sales.
Customer Profile Creator - What are your customers segment jobs, pains and gains?
Value Proposition Creator - What matters most for your startup customers? What are your products, services, pain relievers and gain creators that suit your customer?
5 3D Design Tips Every Inventor Designer Needs To Know Create A Minimum Viable Faster For Quicker Invention Commercialisation.
8 Startup Product And Service Development Videos Insider product development videos Secrets of how to develop a product or service faster.
15 Startup Resources - How to learn startup skills fast and avoid pitfalls.

Custom Business Model Canvas


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6 Secrets To Get Business Sustainability - Growth Tactics for 2021. 6 Info-graphics. Insider business development Secrets For Businesspeople.
7 Business Strategy Innovations Business Growing Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't Learning how to implementing business growth ideas.
Entrepreneur Grants for Growth Resources List Record your insights on the web page and export them out.
Small Business Growth Resources - Save time and grow small business faster.
11 Step Small Business Transform Star System - 11 Ways to Business Transformation.
Implementing Business Transformation Success - Actions and Results for Business Transformation Success.
Business Recovery Strategy - Business Issues, Impact, Environment and Strategy Implementation.
Top 10 Business Model Frequently Asked Questions - What is a business model and how can you use one? How can it create new opportunities?
4 Business Model Examples - Four advanced industry business models for retail, services, manufacturing and digital sectors.
7 Progressive Business Models Examples Business Owner Needs To Know 7 Business Models Every Business Owner Needs To Know To Avoid Being Overtaken By The Competition.
Business Model Creator - Create your own business model with digital options fast. Show what you have and want.
Business Model Information - Digital solutions, further business model reading and definitions.
Business Model Healthcheck for SME - How business models with business + technology + styles are better for SME.
17 Resilient Townsville Business Model Projects - 17 themes, description, business models and attributes.
Business Skills Analysis - Your Business Strengths and Weaknesses - 67 Skills to review, export your business skills results.
Business Development Videos Secrets - 7 Videos For Growth
9 Business Resources

Marketing Components


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Customer Segment Research Tool How to gain current customer, competitor and marketplace knowledge fast.
The Lead Generation System-Create an Automated Sales Funnel What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Lead Generation and Email Marketing.
The 5 Business Tips For New Customer Channels With Chatbots The 5 No-Fail Business Sustainability Tips That Help You Gain New Customer Channels With Chatbots.
The Content Creation Success System For Small Business 7 Things Every Small Business Needs To Know About Content Creation And Business Development.
A Free Web Page Audit Done For You What Every Website Owner Needs To Know About Web Page Audit and Website Performance.
How To Win At Content Marketing And Build Business How To Activate Sales Channels With Prepared Copywriting
Secrets of Customer Value Journey - Gain Customers The Top 5 Questions Business Owners Should Always Ask About Customer Value Journey.
Secrets Of Marketing Strategy - Grow Your Business Faster The Top 4 Marketing Strategy Examples Every Business Owner Needs To Know.
16 Best Marketing Plan Frequently Asked Questions Learn Best Marketing Plan fast. Avoid mistakes. Action your goal quickly.
Keywords for Content Marketing 4 steps to content marketing success.
The 4 Content Marketing Success Factors Steps to design content for audience success.
Headline Generator for more Marketing Success Create 20+ powerful content headlines quickly.
How To Gain Customers With Minimal Costs Insider Secrets Every business owners Needs To Know.
Google My Business for Automatic Marketing in One Day 2 page PDF workbook.
Make a Modern Marketing Plan - Plan you target market, target message, media, lead capture, lead nuture, sales conversion, customer experience, customer lifetime value and build more referrals.
Email Marketing and You Reach some of the 3.7 billion email users. How you can start email marketing.
12 Marketing Resources

Ecommerce buy shopping cart

Ecommerce Section

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Sell to the world online 24/7.
Scope Your Ecommerce This can be completed in 1 day.
Ecommerce Website Hosting What is involved with selecting website hosting?
Ecommerce Setup This can be completed in 1 day.
Build your Ecommerce Website Add pages, categories and products etc.
Launch Ecommerce Turn off test mode and market your Ecommerce store.
9 Ecommerce Resources

Website Marketing

Website Development

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Growth Strategies for Website Owners 5 Simple Steps Every Website owner Can Follow To Get Gain more customers.
21 Best Google My Business Frequently Asked Questions List your business with Google for local search and traffic.
30 Website Traffic frequently asked questions Learn fast, avoid mistakes, action your customer and sales goals.
Why have a small business website? Get access to 21 million Australian and 4.1 billion worldwide Internet users.
Web Design How to design your website. Web design in less time with quicker results.
Web Hosting How to match your website needs with suitable web hosting.
Create A Website What do you need to consider just before you create your own website.
Create a Web Page Without Coding How to create web pages including text, images and links.
Digital Marketing What are digital marketing tactics for your website.
Website Optimisation - Do you have measurements in place for continuous website keyword analysis, traffic and content?
FAQ Webpage Creator - Make a valuable Frequently Asked Questions Webpage fast with a link to each question.
12 Website Resources

Strategic Research - Capability analysis and business model redesign for competitive advantage

Strategic Research Consortium

Discover how to create sustainable competitive advantage.

The Entrepreneurial Journey - How to Respond to the Turbulent Marketplace Info-graphic, article and 5 Videos.
Capability Driven Strategy Resources Info-graphics, PDFs, Articles, Videos, Tools.
Capability Driven Strategy 7 Video Series for Competitive Advantage 7 Videos and Worksheet.
Organisational Capabilities are the New Strategies for Competitive Advantage 10 question quiz
Competitive strategy, competitive advantage, strategic management, business model, dynamic capability videos

Online Transform Star free training webinars

Online Transform Star

Free Training Webinars for online growth, customers, sales funnels and branding.

5 Clickbank Marketplace Secrets For Affiliate Marketers - Plus 173 Clickbank Marketplace sub categories with product count, popularity score and average $ per conversion.
9 Gain Customer Secrets Every Small Business Needs To Know To Avoid Getting Prospects Manually
9 Scalable Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know The Business Model For Sales Pipelines
Go From Entrepreneur To Successful Entrepreneur With These 5 Easy Steps
Free Webinar Reveals How to drive customer traffic to your business - Fast!
Free Webinar Reveals How to gain customer emails day and night - FAST!
Free Webinar: How to create a scalable successful sales funnel
Free Training: Tips, Tricks & Tools To Leverage Other People Expertise And Webinar Sales Funnels For Profits
Free Training: The Expert's Guide to Create Clickbank Sales Funnels For Other People's Products For Affiliate Commissions Or Your Own Products
Free Training: The Proven Create Advanced Facebook Ads Campaigns Using Competition Analysis, Offers, Keywords, Copywriting, Imagery And Targeting System For Business Owners

Transform Star logo

Transform Star

Fast track your business training at our Transform Star website.

Create Product Market Fit For Business Growth - Top 10000 Keywords for 20 Australian Cities FREE Learn the Australian marketplace by city in detail. Find opportunities and build offers to match the cities needs.
Create Product Market Fit Domination Specific niche and competition research
The Entrepreneurs Guide To Create Content For Sales Custom sales content for business
Ace Your Google Listing - How to Make a Google My Business Listing for FREE This is how to make a Google Maps local listing for your business.
$10k Blueprint Resources to build a $10k/month income. Mindset, Goals, Passive Business Models, Email Marketing, Business Formula, Email List Building, Sales Funnels, Domain Names, Web Hosting, Autoresponders, Offer Building, Traffic Plan, Traffic Strategies, Promoting Offers & Leveraging Your List.

Career Plan System logo

Career Plan System

Fast track your job hunting training at our Career Plan System website.

Top 1500 IT Careers The Truth about how to get that IT job and avoid missing job oppotunities. IT Jobs Formula, Your Niche, Passion, Mindset, Career Skills, LinkedIn, Cover Letters and Interview Skills.

Business Performance Management Reports

Business Performance Management Reports

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How can real time business performance management (BPM) reports help with decision making?
See example BPM reports.
Business Management Performance Report by Department
Business Management Performance Report by Geographic Sales
Business Management Performance Report by Customer Sales
Business Management Performance Report by Inventory Stock
Business Management Performance Report by Fixed Assets
9 Business Performance Management Resources

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Possibilities
Cloud Computing Efficiency Compare local and cloud based computing.
Disaster Recovery using Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Overview Diagram - What can you do with Cloud Computing. Mind Map diagram of the possibilities.
Digital Economy Advantages - How does the Physical and Digital economies compare? What are the advantages of digital?
Cloud Computing with Google Apps Google Cloud computing examples
Top 10 AWS Amazon Web Services Explained Cloud Computing Definitions.
9 Cloud Computing Resources

Artificial Intelligence options?

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is changing many industries and how our society operates.
E.g. Speech recognition, automated transport, robotics, emotion recognition, image recognition, faster & wider data analysis.
10 Best Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions Learn Artificial Intelligence fast. Avoid mistakes. Action your goal quickly.
What can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do? Online slideshow showing how does AI affect you.
Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things Online slideshow showing how AI and IoT are tranforming industries.
17 Industries being changed by AI and IoT Resources Links 2 page PDF.
Artificial Intelligence Resources AI reading resources

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

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30 Best Internet of Things Frequently Asked Questions Learn Internet of Things fast. Avoid mistakes. Action your goal quickly.
Internet of Things - IoT Devices, communications & Applications Online slideshow of IoT devices and which industries are changing.
Internet of Things (IoT) Industry Review List List of companies working with IoT
IoT Devices by categories IoT Devices in 8 categories
IoT Home Devices IoT Devices for Home
Top Arduino microcontrollers with communications by popularity Which Arduino microcontroller devices can network
Top 50 Arduino companion circuit boards (shields) for IoT by popularity Shields can stack on top of Arduino to add functions
Top 50 Arduino sensors by popularity What sensors do you need for a IoT project
Raspberry Pi computer range Raspberry Pi computer specifications and uses.
Top Raspberry Pi hats What are the top Raspberry Pi companion circuit boards / hats
12 Internet of Things Resources

Energy Efficiency

Energy Calculators

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Energy Efficiency eBook - 60 technologies reviewed - 54 best practices that can be applied for free.
Light Energy Calculator - Calculate the before and after costs for efficient lighting.
Appliance Energy Calculator - Calculate the running and standby costs for running appliances.
Hot Water Calculator - Calculate the before and after hot water costs using water efficient plumbing.
Compare running costs of petrol and electric cars
9 Energy Efficiency Resources

Computer Efficiency

Computer Efficiency

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Measure Computer Power Consumption
Calculate your computer components total power needs?
Desktop computer selection guide - Create your desktop computer required specifications list.
Laptop computer selection guide - Create your laptop computer required specifications list.
Chromebook computer selection guide - Create your Chromebook required specifications list.
Information Technology Performance Efficiency
9 Computer Resources

IT Jobs Formula book

Careers and Skills

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IT Jobs Formula book The 1500+ Roles in IT and Where to Find then Fast The IT Jobs Formula book support website.
How to get more LinkedIn Success - Book, Checklist, Resources List, Profile Guide All Free
How to build your Personal Brand and Business Brand with LinkedIn 2 page PDF
New User to LinkedIn All Star - Find your new career faster.
Top 250+ IT Careers with Salaries and Links - Find more career opportunities faster.
Checklist for 1500 IT Jobs - Make your own IT Career role journey list. Global opportunities.
Career Choice Worksheet - Review you transferrable skills, fields of knowledge and ICT career titles.
Career Choice Quiz - Review educational, practical, conceptual, people, organising, problem solving anf fixing skills.
Basic Skills Analysis Learn skills, get skills, have skills. Make you list. For individual to organisation.
Detailed Skills Analysis What skills and level do you have and want. Export the skills and levels gap.
Quick ICT Skills Assessment - See which ICT skills you have and which ones you want.
Modern ICT Skills Management - See which skills and level you have and which ones you want.
Worldwide ICT Skills Demands. - Over 200 skills shown.
Review Career Choices - Career selection tools
Digital Careers in Australia - Digital Careers presentation, ICT Career list ad ICT skills list.
Career Resources
Skills Resources
6 LinkedIn Resources

Good Mood - 13 moods

Good Moods

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Select a positive mood to suit your needs.
Quotes, pictures, music and video provided.
Trigger your own mood change.
13 moods to choose from.
Good Mood - Home Page
Amused Mood , Calm Mood , Cheerful Mood , Confident Mood ,
Ecstatic Mood , Energetic Mood , Excited Mood , Happy Mood ,
Joyful Mood , Loved Mood , Peaceful Mood , Relaxed Mood , Thankful Mood
Good Mood - More Information

Solar Power

Solar Power

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Solar Power Calculator for your location - Power output, net savings, ROI for 1 year and life of system.
Zero Electricity Bill - How many solar panels do I need? - Calculate panels needed for your location.
Solar Hot Water Calculator - How much water and energy costs will I save?
Outdoor Solar Lighting options
Solar Thermal Energy - Use the suns heat for energy generation. Add molten salt storage for 24/7 power.
Alternative Energy Sources - 13 sections.
9 Solar Resources

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

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Smartphone Charging Guide - Charge smartphones across all the standards.
Tablet Charging Guide - Charge tablets across all the standards.
How to keep Smartphones charged at work using only computers and cables.
9 Smartphone Resources

Measurement units conversion

Converter for measurement units

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Convert Imperial and metric units. Both ways.
Kilograms to pounds and ounces
Grams to pounds and ounces
Metres to feet and inches
Metric Area calculator - Add areas together and export results
Area calculator in feet and inches - Add areas together and export results
Cylinder Volume Calculator
Fuel Efficiency Calculator - Convert MPG and litres/100km.
Covert inches to mm
Convert litres to gallons pints and ounces
Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit chart

Software Utilities

Software Utilities

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Create Frequently Asked Questions Web Pages Make responsive FAQ web pages with links for each question.
Computer Hard drive file count and folder size analysis - Where are the files filling your storage?
Convert spreadsheet CSV files into web page HTML tables
Add social media buttons to web pages quickly
Copy and Paste in Bulk One set of source information into multiple output document types.
Free week eBay analysis by day and hour for sellers Convert sales records into week analysis tables.
HTML Last Modified Created Creator Create and refresh your web content and its date.

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